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Gift certificates are now available for a Legendary Experience via LEGEND photo shoot Experiences for men, women, couples or families.
Our packages start with the Signature LEGEND Experience with 1 look and go to custom Experiences created with a menu of options, such as car service, champagne, massage or special sets. With our LEGEND Signature Plus Experiences…the sky is the limit!
LEGEND is offering specials for 2013, 3 options for gift certificates, easy to purchase and delivered to your address of choice:
The LEGEND Gift Certificate                                                               $500. increments
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Joey Falsetta Legend glitter suit.
The LEGEND Signature Experience                  $1250. reduced from $1500.

A Signature LEGEND B+W or color image
1 look, 1 set up
2 re-touched final images
Click here or directly on the image below to be directed to a Paypal page, accepting credit cards and cash payments. Once we receive your order, LEGEND will contact you.
LEGEND. Joey Falsetta.
The LEGEND Shangri-La Experience                        $1750. reduced from $2000.
Full day shoot, car service and lunch
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2 set-ups of choice
2 re-touched images
Click here or directly on the image below to be directed to a Paypal page, accepting credit cards and cash payments.Once we receive your order, LEGEND will contact you.
Joey Falsetta LEGEND.

What is a LEGEND photo shoot?

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Consult. Together on a call, we talk about a vision for their LEGEND photo shoot. We arrange a date and send back a Stylefile detailing the look or looks for wardrobe, hair and makeup. We discuss the setting, either our artful Shangri-La studio in Brooklyn or on site in a private home or another setting. Options for massage, special lunches, special sets, if they dream and desire it, the sky is the limit! (although cranes can always be rented!)

Lights, Camera, Action. Once all is decided, we do the rest…hire our team, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, lighting, etc.

The Big Day. (or The Big Night, you might have dreamed up a night scene in Times Square) They arrive. (Sometimes by limo and with champagne, see our packages, or create your own.)

Pampering begins once they are in hair and makeup or if arrival is by limo, the luxe experience just continues.

In hair and makeup, people relax, hear the advice of experts on how to maximize best features and basically revel in their own good looks!

We choose clothing, style and coach until our subject feels empowered, receptive and ready. Next, the moment to step unto the set, into the light. We begin slow and friendly in a comfortable atmosphere of creativity and expression to warm up.

The relationship between photographer and your superstar LEGEND and the world…now begins.

LEGEND. Joey Falsetta

teyona3 LEGEND

This month, we take you Behind The Scenes on the “Making of a LEGEND.” LEGEND. was a sponsor of the Fashion-4-Development Second Annual First Ladies’ Luncheon, in cooperation with the United Nations, where we snapped the artistry in the works backstage at The Pierre Hotel, New York City, above. Ten of the world’s legendary women, especially those working to empower other women through fashion and beauty, will receive the LEGEND. Photographs Experience.

Earlier in the month, we photographed F4D founder, Evie Evangelou, in our very-Renaissance feeling studio in Brooklyn, commanded by Artist-in-Residence, photographer, Joey Falsetta.

When the everyday can seem like a “production”…a LEGEND. experience is like being “Queen or King for a Day,” where clients can leave all their worries at the door, as a team of accomplished and artistic experts create their best to bring out the empowered LEGEND. in each person.

LEGENDs photographed this month included Evie and a yet-to-be-revealed up and coming pop-star in addition to magazine spreads and private clients. Evie is a legend in the philanthropic UN community, bringing fashion legends such as Franca Sozzani, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Italia and Livia Firth to the global change-making community. Here is she is, in her exquisite blouse from Bangladesh and legendary glory! (hair by Mischa Gobie and make-up by Dana James)

We met so many legends, both old friends and new ones at the event! Shaking hands with Franca Sozzani was a golden moment, meeting Francesco Aureli and Jasmine Whitbread, the CEO of Save The Children, having a private moment with Livia Firth, the legendary Roberta Flack and model, Lily Cole…all in one day?!

Franca Sozzani, Evie Evangelou, Livia Firth

Inspiring speeches came from the lovely Toyin Ojora Saraki, the former first lady of Nigeria’s Kwara State, Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek,wife of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, whom we previously had the pleasure of meeting and Shirley Madhere of Beauty-4-Empowerment.

While we missed seeing all our friends there, however in the world did we miss seeing friends, LEGEND. Brand Ambassador Tracy Stern, Robert Verdi, Marvet Britto, Dr. Valerie Steele, Rachel Roy and Donna D’Cruz? It was packed, that’s how! We were happy to see so many friends, however, such as supermodel Pat Cleveland, Michele Gerber-Klein, Maggie Norris, Baldev Duggal, Ike Ude and many more.

Guests included Cherie Blair, Geena Davis, Naeem Khan, Vivienne TamMichelle Harper, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Miguelina Gambaccini, Coralie Charriol, Jennifer Creel, Katie Couric, Minnie Mortimer, Carolina Zapf, Jackie Astier, Gillian Hearst Simonds, Rebecca Minkoff, Susan Shin, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Barbara Winston, Martha Stewart, who wrote an “applauding” blog post and my, oh my, Alek Wek.

Our own invited guests included Justin MacInerney, Director of Luxury Brands at Saks Fifth Avenue; Fiona Fraser of Fraser Balgowan and Slow Luxury; Katarina Wong, Director of Community & Curatorial Engagement at Edelman, NY. Kristen Paladino, Joey Falsetta and Jade Dressler attended from LEGEND.

Now. About that pop-star? What becomes a LEGEND, now? Who is She? Stay Tuned!

Please join LEGEND.Photographs for an evening dedicated to
Beautiful Books.
Beautiful People.
Good Will.
LEGEND. is a proud sponsor of Fashion 4 Development
in cooperation with the United Nations.
Cocktail reception sponsored by Assouline Publishing
 Fashion’s Night Out on September 6, 2012
7 pm to 9 pm
Assouline store at the Plaza Hotel, NYC.
Kindly RSVP to events@assouline.com or 917.522.1482
The beauty and grace within all women and men
has inspired legends for generations.
LEGEND. portraits are a reflective collaboration
between up and coming top fashion photographers, artists and individuals.
Fashion 4 Development has been making its own contribution
to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
through awareness-raising campaigns, partnerships, scholarships,
fund-raising and the financing of initiatives
to grow sustainable economies in developing countries.
Additionally, F4D is committed to and supports
the UN Secretary-General’s Campaign “Every Woman, Every Child”
whose mission is to save the lives of 16 million women
from preventable causes of death by 2015.
Photographs by
Joey Falsetta
Presented by
Kristen Paladino and Jade Dressler
You are a LEGEND.

What if art, women, fashion and style could save the world? Would anyone complain about that?

Evie Evangelou is the visionary who took supermodel Bibi Russell’s project with the United Nations, Fashion 4 Development, and ran with it. LEGEND. is thrilled to be part of this vehicle for change. Evie is Global Chair along with Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, the group’s Goodwill Ambassador; Karen Giberson, President of The Accessories Council; Fern Mallis and many other fashion industry luminaries.

Together, they have begun the conversation and action along with the UN First Ladies. We are thrilled that our LEGEND. portrait experience will envision images with the first photo shoot of Evie to illustrate the collateral for the Fashion 4 Development Luncheon to be held September 2012.  As shot by fashion photographer, Joey Falsetta and art-directed by Kristen Paladino and myself, Evie will be in traditional Senegalese costume, in honor of the first businesses of F4D in Africa. A big thank you to Dr. Shirley Madhere, holistic plastic surgeon of The New Aesthete, Vice Chair of Fashion 4 Development and the Director of F4D’s Beauty 4 Empowerment Initiative for her enthusiasm and introductions!

“I’ve never experienced such a transformational photo shoot than when I worked with the talented team of LEGEND. No stone was left unturned when it came to the detailed execution of my personal vision and the creation of stunning photographic portraits I had only dreamt of.”

“Having my fashion portrait done by LEGEND. was like instant therapy, like the best hair salon or spa experience EVER and the whole experience made me feel so beautiful. I have more ideas and am ready to do it again.”

Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova, MD.

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